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Are you a high school soccer player who plays multiple sports for your high school, and are interested in continuing to play high level club soccer...without the year-round commitment?  Then the Centennial Soccer Club may be for you!  We offer mixed-age high school aged teams in both boys and girls (numbers permitting).  These teams have flexibility in their off-season (winter and early spring) schedules allowing players to play other high school sports.  And these teams take input from all players and families when crafting their main season (later spring and summer) schedules as well.  If you want to keep playing club soccer, but also play multiple high school sports, these teams may be for you!  Any questions on these high school mixed age teams please email Club Admin Matt at

Looking for Centennial Soccer Club Spirit Wear?



If you need access to order the Club Uniform store, email Club Admin Matt at


First Round of Ruffneck Scarves Sold Out.

I will verify that there are not any more scarves lying around but to my knowledge they are all sold out. Send an email if you are interested and We will gauge interest in doing another round of  custom made scarves. Presale for the first round was $20 and after the scarves were sent the remainder were sold for $25. This estimate is subject to supplier pricing. Likely  another potential order of scarves will not occur until after the new uniform is determined for the 2025 Summer season. Send an email to show your interest.

The Sideline Project

Check out The Sideline Project! Take their 22 minute course, help improve the gameday experience from the sidelines.

A positive sideline culture will keep more players playing.
A positive sideline culture will keep more coaches coaching.
A positive sideline culture will keep more referees refereeing.

Thank you to our sponsors!

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