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Winter 2022 Fundraiser

Money is being sent to teams!

April 9th

We've received the money from our sponsor and we're working to distribute it to teams now! Your team manager and coaches will hear from us shortly.

The fundraiser was a success!

January 24th

The fundraiser is now complete. 153 people filled out 3,462 surveys for our club. Wow! We raised over $4000!

Once we receive the funds from the sponsors, we'll distribute the team share back to our team managers.

Thanks everyone for making the fundraiser a success!

We're excited to announce a fundraiser, starting today and running for a few weeks. When you participate, 50% of the money you raise will go to our club to help us deliver an even better soccer experience for our members and community. The other 50% will go directly back to your team!

How does it work?

We'll be taking surveys to give feedback about national brands. Each time you complete a survey, you'll raise $1.20, which will be split between your team and the club. The surveys take about 45 seconds each.

How do I get started?

Sign up at

Or text TEAM to 90412

*Important: When filling out surveys don't go too fast! If you take less than 30 seconds to fill out a survey, it won't be counted*

How does money get back to my team?

When you register, you pick a team you want to support. Shortly after the program finishes, we'll give half of what your team raised back to your team manager. You can use that money to reduce your team fees. If your team has raised more than enough to cover the fees, your team can decide what to do with the rest!

* Only teams earning at least $50 will qualify for the incentive program.
* Teams may change over the course of the winter as teams are added, removed, or split. If that happens, we'll do our best to fairly distribute the funds back to the teams according to what they raised.

Can I share with my friends and relatives?

Yes! Like traditional fundraisers, the more people who participate, the more we can raise!
Just make sure they pick your team when they sign up, and then any surveys they fill out will count toward your team's total.

How do I get back to my page to complete more surveys?

Click through any link that you were emailed or texted from the program. Those links are personalized to you. When you click through, you'll see "My feedback count" up top, which tells you how many surveys you've completed.

If you deleted the email just hang on, they'll email or text you another one within a few days.

When does the fundraiser end?

There's a limited pool of money available and multiple clubs are vying for their slice of it. We'll have at least a few weeks before it runs dry. The official end date is February 15th, 2022, but odds are it'll end before that when funds run out.

What if I have more than one player in the club?

Each person can only pick one team to support, you'll just have to pick one.
If you're asking friends, aunts, uncles, or grandparents to participate, you can ask each to support a different team.

How do I find a business to review?

When you land on their survey page, you'll see a search bar. Type a business in there. If it's a national brand, odds are it'll pop up.
If you can't think of a brand, use the "Or find them by category" button just below the search bar to browse.


  • You must be age 18 or older to take surveys.
  • Each person can complete a maximum of 75 surveys, and at most 50 surveys in a 24 hour period.
  • Don't go too fast! Surveys that took less than 30 seconds to fill out will not count.
  • Please try to provide quality feedback. They reserve the right to disqualify surveys if they suspect abuse - say if you made duplicate accounts for yourself, or if you clearly aren't providing quality feedback. As long as you're acting in good faith it'll be fine.

Privacy info

This promotion is being run by HundredX (

They're a reputable company, and they have a strong privacy statement. They'll email or text you about the program, but once the program is complete, they won't be sending you marketing emails. Your information is kept private and not shared with third parties. Only your ethnicity, gender, age range, and zip code will be associated with your responses and those will be generalized so no one will ever be able to know your individual responses.

Their full privacy policy is here:


If you have questions, contact Brian at

Thank you!

We think this is an amazing opportunity to raise money for our club and for your team. It's simple, less work than other fundraisers like selling magazines, and we can really raise a lot of money quickly!

We appreciate your support!

Sponsored by Dairy Queen

Dairy Queen

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