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Summer 2020 Season Plan

Centennial Soccer Club Families,

Quick Summary: MYSA has canceled the Summer 2020 season. Below are the options for families and details for finances for next year.

ACTION REQUIRED: What do we need from you?  We need you to fill out this google form to tell us which option you choose. We need this information to plan the other activities for the summer and to know which options you are choosing for your refund.  We can’t process a refund without a form. Please email [email protected] if you can’t fill out the form and I will personally help you submit the form!  Please read on for information on the options that are available.

This week was filled with a mixture of good and bad news with respect to return-to-play for soccer.  We have confirmation that starting June 1st, teams can officially start practicing in groups of 10 by following Minnesota Department of Health guidelines. This is pretty exciting! However, MYSA (our state league) has canceled the summer 2020 season, so there will be no league games or tournaments this season.

We, as a board, have decided as a board to provide each player with some options. We worked hard to come up with fair and equitable solutions that can still provide much needed athletic and social interactions. We hope you can find solace in one of the following options:

  1. You may opt out of this summer season and accept a refund (see details below on the refund).

  2. You may choose to continue on this summer as a practice-only player.  This option will result in nearly the same refund (your refund will be reduced by $40).  This will allow your player to continue training for their future as a soccer player.  The club will provide each player with six (6) training sessions with a professional trainer in groups of 9 players and one trainer and we will be working with your coach (or another volunteer if your coach is unable) to provide additional practice opportunities.  If we make it to a phase that allows scrimmages, those will also become available.

  3. We will also be facilitating additional training opportunities for those members who want to go beyond just the above practices: goalie training, personal training, etc.  These training opportunities will have additional costs, and we will provide more information about them in future communications based on interest.

  4. Finally, we also have a scholarship program for any families that were hit hard by loss of jobs or any other financial COVID-19 impacts, please fill the scholarship form and email it to [email protected] The executive board will review these requests on a case-by-case basis and potentially seek to add additional refunding beyond what is being offered. This applies to options 1-3.

As a board, we have been reviewing our finances closely.  We work hard to ensure that we provide you the highest quality soccer experience for an equitable cost.  This is only possible with a fully volunteer board, only one salaried individual, and great trainers that give us reasonable rates.  Our fully volunteer treasurer has spent a considerable amount of time figuring out how to squeeze every last penny out of our budget to ensure we can provide the largest possible refund. The final numbers that we all agreed to at our emergency meeting on 5/21/2020 was to refund 89% of the remaining cost after removing the $250 non-refundable deposit.  In addition to the 89% we will be refunding 100% of the volunteer fee, anyone who performed volunteer hours this year may apply them to next year’s volunteer commitment, thank you for your time (NOTE: we will still likely need some volunteer help this summer if you are able, this can count toward next year as well).  

These numbers were chosen by the following logic:

  • $250 non-refundable deposit mostly covers the costs of the season through the winter.  Winter soccer is expensive in Minnesota because of the cost of the facilities and trainers through the winter.  We were able to do almost all of the winter training, spending this portion of your payment.

  • The 11% of what is remaining mostly covers the non-recoverable costs that we have for every player, including insurance, MYSA fees (that they are not returning), and other overhead.

Even based on the above calculations, that still leaves the club short $10,000, but rather than reducing the refund, we decided to keep that value high and add a refund of the volunteer fee for each family to help boost the amount of refund each family receives.  This amount may slow down the growth of the club next year, but we felt it was important to show good faith to our members and to help our awesome community.

Based on these numbers we are able to provide refunds according to the following table:

Age Group

Per Player Refund

Per Family Refund

Single Player Family Total













We are providing the options for when you receive your refund based on whether you are choosing to participate in the summer activities or not.  When it comes time to collect your refund, we are also providing three options:

  1. Receive your refund as a credit back on the card you used to pay online (if your card is expired or no longer valid, we will send you a check, which may add delays).  We will process your refund within two weeks of receiving your form.  These refunds will all have to be processed by hand so please bear with us as we do it as quickly as we can.

  2. You may receive your refund as a credit toward your fees for next year.  If you choose this option we will also waive next year’s tryout fees as you are helping us with cash flow.  You will receive your credit as soon as we process your form.

  3. You may donate all or a portion of your refund to the club to help cover the $10,000 cost of providing this refund to families who need it.  If you choose this option you will be greatly appreciated, and you will be helping ensure this club can continue to grow at the rate we saw last year!  Also, we are a 501(c)(3) organization so you can count this as a donation on your taxes.

Thank you for providing extreme patience and making this club the awesome club it is! As disappointing as it is not having our normal summer season, we all know this will pass and soon we can look forward to everyone being together again. 


The Centennial Soccer Club Board