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Centennial Soccer Club

Centennial SC - Competitive Program Overview

At Centennial SC (CSC), the competitive traveling program is the heart of our organization.  Our overriding goal and reason for being is to provide a first-class soccer experience for players in our U9 – U18 programs.  CSC’s Vision, Mission and Values (please see
Who We Are) are all in place to help develop not only quality soccer players but well-rounded individuals as well. 

At CSC we want everyone to have fun first and foremost.  If players are having fun not only will they learn more and want to keep coming back, but everyone associated with the club will have fun and our organization will grow and become that much better.  One part of having fun is to develop each player to their full potential and another is having competitive teams across all age groups and levels of play (Gold, Maroon, C1, C2, C3 or Premier).  At CSC we firmly believe that to help players develop and to put competitive teams on the field we need to embrace the latest training ideas in youth soccer and the biggest of these is Small-Sided Games.  These games are designed to help players maximize their touches on the ball and thus help them to develop their skills faster.  Quality coaching is also part of development and competitive teams and at CSC we strive to make sure that our coaches are informed on the latest trends in soccer.


Competitive Soccer Seasons:   

The biggest portion of our traveling soccer program is the Minnesota Youth Soccer Association (MYSA) Spring/Summer competitive soccer season which runs from March – early July.  CSC also participates in the MYSA Fall competitive soccer season which typically runs from mid-August to mid-October each year.  CSC competitive traveling teams compete in the MYSA North District primarily against other MYSA North District teams.


Season Age Time Frame

                Fall U9 – U14 End of August to Mid-October

                Winter U9 – U19 November through April

                Spring/Summer U9 – U19 May to Mid-July

Competitive Soccer General Calendar:

Below please find a general breakdown of the competitive soccer year.  Please note that the MYSA indicates that the soccer year shall commence on September 1 of each year and run through August 31 of the subsequent year.


                Time Frame What’s Happening

                June – July Evaluation Registration

                End of July – Early August Competitive Team Evaluations (This is dictated by the MYSA)

                Early August – Mid-August Competitive Team Registration and Team Formation

                Mid-August – Mid-October MYSA Fall Competitive League Play

                November – February Optional Winter Training

                March – April Competitive Team Spring Tactical Training

                May – Mid-July MYSA Spring/Summer Competitive League Play

                Mid-July State Tournament Qualifying and Play



MYSA Competitive Team Levels

The MYSA designates several different competitive levels across the league play they sponsor.  Below please find a breakdown of these levels of play.

Age Level        Highest Level  2nd Highest    3rd Highest      4th Level of Play

                U9 – U10 Maroon Gold

                U11 – U14 Classic 1 (C1) Classic 2 (C2) Classic 3 (C3)     

                U15 – U19 Premier Classic 1 (C1) Classic 2 (C2) Classic 3 (C3)


Please note that within the MYSA there is a promotion and relegation system that come into play at the U11 age level.  There are proportionally less teams in the state as you progress up the level of play.  Those people playing on Premier level teams often must travel long distances to play and practice.

MYSA Competitive Team Make Up

Below please find a general breakdown of team sizes and playing format.


                Age Level Format Max Roster Size Game Time

                U9 – U10   7 v 7    12 Two 25-minute halves

                U11 – U12   9 v 9    16 Two 30-minute halves

                U13 – U14 11 v 11    18 Two 35-minute halves

                U15 – U16 11 v 11    18 Two 40-minute halves

                U17 – U19 11 v 11    18 Two 45-minute halves


Centennial SC typically utilizes both parent volunteer and paid staff coaches with our teams.  Parent volunteer coaches are generally utilized with the U9 – U12 teams, while many of the U13 – U19 teams hire paid staff coaches.  To assist our volunteer coaches, CRSC offers coaching education sessions as well as support in obtaining US Soccer coaching licensure.  For those teams utilizing a paid coach, each individual team is required to assume the expenses of that coach for the season.  Permissible coaching fees vary with the competitive season and the experience of the coach.  The club will work with those teams wanting a paid staff coach regarding negotiation of coaching fees and payment terms.  The CRSC Technical Committee is responsible for screening and placing all coaches with teams.  All coaches will go through the same screening and application process.  Questions regarding coaching should be directed to the Director of Training at [email protected]


Vision – Mission – Values:

Our Vision: To build a meaningful and successful soccer program for the communities of Blaine, Centerville, Circle Pines, and Lino Lakes that make up the Centennial School District.

Our Mission: To foster the physical, mental and emotional growth of the Club’s participants through the sport of soccer at both all ages and levels of competition.

Our Values:

Players: Develop each player in our organization to their full potential by providing age appropriate trainings focused  on Small Sided Games.  We will strive to prepare our players to understand the value of hard-work and integrity to reach a goal.  We want out players to do the right thing every time not only in relationship to soccer but in their life in general as well.  We will challenge players to become better players on the field and better community members off the field.

Families:  To provide a family oriented atmosphere that encourages parental involvement with their player’s soccer experience.  We will be open and transparent in our communications with the community and with the running of the club.

Coaches:  Our coaches and trainers are vital resources to the success of our mission at the club.  We will work with our coaches and trainers to provide educational opportunities to help them improve their ability to teach players both soccer and life lessons.  When seeking new coaches or trainers we will only partner with those individuals that share our values and commitment to the game and the community.