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Below please find links to information regarding recreational soccer and player development for parents or guardians to utilize in supporting their player in the Centennial Rush SC recreational soccer program.


·         US Youth Soccer Parent Resources Page:


·         US Youth Soccer Parent Blog:

This blog is for parents of youth soccer players. There resources and answers to youth soccer questions.


·         US Youth Soccer - Why Use Small Sided Games?

Why Small Sided Games (PDF)


·         Soccer Parenting Association website


·         The Car Ride Home: You, Your Child and Youth Sports by Mike Bergstrom



This book is a quick read dealing with many of the issues that are a part of youth sports environment today.  In this short and entertaining book, the author looks at twelve areas that we as parents should already know something about but sometimes lose sight of in relationship to youth sports.  The author uses humor and storytelling along with what seems like common sense to really get at the heart of the matter; keeping things in perspective and remembering it is for and about the kids.

Youth sports has so much to offer our children; from building self-esteem and self-confidence to learning how to cooperate and be a part of a team.  Youth sports can also help to teach and encourage our children that hard-work and commitment are critical tools needed to accomplish our goals and achieve success not only today but all throughout our lives.  With all of the valuable life lessons that youth sports can teach our kids, it is both sad and somewhat surprising that by the age of thirteen 70% of kids quit playing sports altogether.  The main reason our kids say they stop paying is because they say they are not having any fun.

The Car Ride Home can help parents make it fun again.  This book can help all of us put the perspective back in the game and give the game back to the kids.  Let them have fun and they will thrive.


This book can be found on Amazon.

  • National Soccer Coaches Association of America article on why youth players quit soccer.


Why Youth Players Quit Soccer (PDF)