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Centennial SC - Player Uniform, Equipment, and Training Attire Policy

Within Centennial SC our goal regarding uniform, equipment and training attire is to present a consistent cohesive TEAM environment that presents a positive representation of the club to both our community and the greater soccer community within the region.  Uniforms must be purchased from our authorized retailer and are in addition to season registration fees.  Uniforms are approximately $160 per two-year cycle.  If you are new to the club it is possible that you may have to purchase uniforms in back to back years as you may be entering the program mid cycle with regards to uniforms.


1. All players must wear shin guards and soccer socks that completely cover the shin pads.  Players who show up without shin pads and appropriate socks will not be allowed on the field.

2. Players should bring appropriate footwear to practice and games based on the surface they are training or playing on.  Please note that some indoor facilities may not allow cleats.

3. Players may not wear jewelry at any time on the soccer field, except for medical bracelets, which must be taped so as not to snag on clothing during a game.

4. Players are not to wear hooded sweatshirts or attire with loose hanging strings, due to the risk of these strings being snagged and causing injury.


1. All players should wear the same color shirt to practice.  Teams may design their own practice jersey and have them printed at a local  print shop if they so desire. (A training top is included in the 2020-2021 kit and should be worn once received unless teams produce their own training top.)

2. Game jerseys should not to be worn at practice, unless they are from a prior season and are no longer official jerseys for the current season.

3. Team officials, with the head coach to have final say, shall determine what colors will be worn to practice.


1. Make sure that you have BOTH uniform kits with you at every game. Players must wear their full uniform kit (jersey, shorts, socks) during games.

2. Generally, Centennial SC wears Red kit at home games and WHITE kit at away games.

3. If the referee determines that the kits for both teams are too similar, the home team will need to change to another kit color.

4. Per Minnesota Youth Soccer Association (MYSA) rule 1.1.4.d - Shirts must be tucked at all times.

5. Additional allowable clothing during games, which may be worn underneath the uniform, in the case of cold weather, provided the entire team uses the same color (BLACK being the recommended color of Centennial SC) per MYSA rule 1.1.4 - Players must be uniform in appearance:
a. Layered beneath the uniform (i.e. long sleeves, long pants, additional socks)

b. Gloves or Mittens

c. Stocking caps without straps or strings.

d. Sweat pants or shirts (May be worn underneath the uniform, in the case of extremely cold weather, provided the entire team uses the same color sweats.)

e. Jackets may be worn under the uniform so that referees can see the player's number in the event of a card being issued.

6. Soccer bags should be lined up in a neat and organized fashion behind the team bench or to the side of the player area.

Jersey Numbers:

Jersey numbers will be assigned by the club to ensure that there are no duplicates within an age group or those within 1 up or 1 down (2 up or 2 down is preferred) from their current age group.